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Have a Nice Sleep with Parachutehome

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In Summer to sleep become not so easy because it's so hot.
For that reason is important to take care of your summer sleep essentials.
I choose every year to help me in three simple steps:

1. I prefere light colors for my bedroom, such us pastel colors or white.
Light colors create a relaxing atmosphere to facilitate sleep despite the stifling heat.

2. I surround myself with delicate fragrances such as lavender that relaxes the body and also the mind.
Lavender, in fact, fights insomnia in a natural way, and gives a sense of peace and well-being.

3. I always choose fresh linen and good quality, to sleep well after the intense summer days.
For this reason I invite you to visit PARACHUTEHOME to find the right set of sheets for you!!!
Their BEDDING PAGE is waiting for you:-)

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  1. Ciao Lauretta!!
    Questo sito è davvero troppo interessante!!
    Corro subito a sbirciare!!
    Un bacione grande Manu

  2. this looks super comfy, love this post.. kisses

  3. Sounds great! I couldn´t sleep for weeks in the hot weather =/

    Love, Héloise
    Et Omnia Vanitas

  4. Adorable! The Pieces are wonderful :)

  5. I love pastel and light colors on my room too! Specially when it's summer :)

  6. Hi dear! Fantastic post, I really like it:)
    Thanks for your comment, I'm following you now.
    Happy weekend,

  7. Bellissimo! Vado a vedere subito! Mi ispira! :D


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