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Carnival Time

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Even if you are not a child from a long time, you can play with fashion and you can enjoy for Carnival’s day. 
In fact, to smile is very sexy and very fashion, more than an expensive dress or a shiny make up. 
A lot of nice dresses for adults exist to let you be fashion and cool but also funny for a day! 
Let’s see the most update categories for your evening and your party. 

You have to follow yourself and your attitude to find the right costume. 
1. History’s Characters: you can choose to dress up as past famous people, such as a king, or a queen, an Olympus God, a perfect clothing if you are a team leader in your daily life. 
2. Fashion icons: Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Greta Garbo... They are perfect for you if you are sophisticate and a little retro in your life, if you want to give an Hollywoodian attitude to your outfit.
3. Disney Princess: Cinderella, Snow White, Belle… 
it’s the right choise for romantic and sweet girls. 
They remember our childhood part, and they are perfect if you want to continue to be a real princess every day.
4. Abstract characters: such as a heart, a hot dog, a bottle of water… 
all you see around you could become a carnival’s costume and all your friends will admire you!!! They are perfect if you are original and you want to be different from other people.
5. Nature’s elements: a tree, a star, a sun, the fire, a cloud, a flower, all perfect elements if you have sense of humor, if you like to play with yourself and if you like to stay in the nature. 
It’s a kind of costume both for women and men, because they are versatile (a tree for a men and a flower for a women for example).
6. Cartoon Characters: Sailor moon, teletabbies, Peppa big, Minnie, Mickey Mouse, the smurfs… as for the Disney princess they represent your childhood part.
7. Dolls: Barbie, Bratz, a porcelain doll, a manga’s girl… 
are perfect for girls who want to be fashion and sexy but also dramatic.
8. The classic: a police officer, a nurse, a postman, a nun, a priest, a devil, an angel, a slave, a thief… 
if you have not so much fantasy.
9. Animals: cats, dogs, mouses, butterflies, horses… 
perfect if you like nature and animals.
So, now you have the choise… 
have a nice Carnival!!!

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  1. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  2. Io adoro il carnevale:) un bacione

  3. Hello from Spain: I really like this party. Great time. Fabulous pics. keep in touch

  4. che belle immagini, non mi maschero da anni ma con maschere e make up simili lo farei molto volentieri

  5. Bellissime le foto! Io quest'anno sarò Cleopatra :P



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