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The Maxi In Black

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Undoubtedly, one of the most popular fashion choice in terms of clothing is the maxi, one which has been reliable throughout its existence.
The first version of the maxi dress was a white maxi designed by Oscar De Le Renta during the so called " hippie era ".

This dress has proven to be quite comfortable which might be one of the reasons for its popularity,  but the biggest reason for its popularity might be the its tremendous versatility.
The maxi can be modified from casual wear to a highly customized special occasion garment.
The relatively simple style and cut of this unique dress gives the wearer a large amount of room for customization and creativity to mold their dress into one which suits their personality and style in the best way possible.

The long and black maxi dress is just one of the many types of maxis available out there that females can wear as a formal evening dress.
Those dresses which are made of silk , chiffon, taffeta etc, yield a nice elegant formal look.
One popular way to customize a black maxi dress to bring out the gleam in it is to add in some eye enticing jewelry.
A tear drop necklace with crystals can really bring out the sparkle in the dress.
To compliment this dress high heeled shoes should be used preferably the ones with straps.

To add in more glamour with the dress one can opt for shoes with sparkly gems or ones made with satin.
For those women who love to use makeup, this dress offers them a unique chance to go all out.
If one prefers to go with a highly sophisticated look, they can opt for a smoky eye appearance with lipstick to be preferably of a light shade.
For those women who are fun loving, youthful and ever young a good option would be to go for the " cat-eye " look.
If this option is to be pursued a good quality gel liner should be used.
A recommendation would be to try the Maybelline  gel liner.
This one in particular is relatively cheap and easy to use however one might need some practice to perfect painting those " wing tips ".

Staying with the cat-eye look go for the red lipstick.
A really great recommendation again would be to use Mac's " Russian Red " lipstick.
The black maxi dress can be adapted quite easily for meeting with friends and having relaxing outing in the park for example.
However for these types of casual layback activities one should go for the casual style maxis such as the bohemian - styled maxi which pretty much looks good on every female and has the added bonus of being fun to accessorize.
Just remember to complete the look with stone-embellished leather sandals.
This dress may have made its debut in the 60's but thanks to the maxis inherent versatility and simplicity, it remains to this day a top choice for females.

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