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Preparing Fall

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Goodmorning girls, how are you?!
A few days ago, thanks to FEMME LUXE, an online shopping I love so much, I am preparing next season.
In fact, I am feeling that summer is finishing and I'd like to be ready for fall with my wordrobe.
For these reason, in my last order I decided to focus on joggers and sporty clothes, perfect for my daily routine.
In fact, I work with children in gym, and I need to be always nice but also feeling comfortable. 
I choose three Loungewear, a piece that they have in several colors and several lines.
I love it so much!
An I love also T-Shirt to mix and match with Trousers.
Let's see what I have toke ^_^

This Blue Off Shoulder Loungewear Set is called Blake and is pure love for me!
I like very much the baby blue color, and the way it fits on me.
I think that it will be perfect for an afternoon to gym, warm and pretty.
Are you agree?
Beautiful with sneackers and handbag.
My size is M/L, as for GREEN ONE I show you in the past, and I feel good.

In a few minutes you can change look as for magic, with this colorfull Pink Tie Dye Padded Shoulder Sleeveless T-Shirt.
It's called Seema, and I love it for the beautiful colors: as a rainbow, it is nice on the trouser of the loungewear, you don't think?!
The size I choose is L.

The third item I want to show you is this Grey Crop Loungewear Set, named Deanna.
This time I'd like to give you an other idea of style for the outfit: thanks to the high heels, you can see like a sporty look can became chic ^_^
Size M/L as always.

With different shoes, a longwear could became elegant for an evening out with friends.
This item is more sensual than the first, because it has a crop top.
I mixed it with a little bag in the same color of the shoes.

And to ending, this wonderful Navy Loungewear Tracksuit Set.
This Maria set is very comfortable, and I think that I will use it like a pajama.
It's perfect to stay at home next months, with hot chocolate and a good book to read.
I bought M/L, so it's large enough to be used in an informal way.
My review it's finished, and I hope you liked it.
I am in love with FEMME LUXE more and more^_^
Let me know if you like my personal selection for you ^_^

Nice day <3

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