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Sunday's look with FEMMELUXE

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Heilà girls, how are you? I hope you are enjoying again sunny days! 

I am very happy today, because I can finally restart to talk about one of my favorite online brand: femmeluxe!!! Do you know it?! 

I talked about it often in the past. In this post I want to share with you three new outfit, in a sporty style, for three different moments of the day: morning, afternoon, and evening. Are you ready to go in this trip with me?! Let’s leave together soon ^_^

I often spent my free time wearing Jeans, because I love this item, very fresh and young, but yesterday, for my Sunday’s outfit, I preferred soft and comfortable trousers and long wear set. 

Let’s start with the morning: I spent my time reading a good book, and my outfit was very nice thanks to this wonderful Cuffed Joggers called Lizzie. I choose the pink color for the first jogger because this is one of my favorite colors since childhood, and I find that is very cool in this shade of their proposal! I tried this item also in black for the afternoon, and I fall in love with both them! 
I went to do a walk with my friends after lunch, and they also were surprised! 
The product is very warm, and I think next winter I will wear them every day. My trousers are size 12, they are big if you like skinny clothes, so you can opt for a smaller one. Thank to the elasticated waist, they can be adapted to all shapes of body. 

For the second outfit you can see in the pics I mixed the black jogger with this Red Ribbed Off The Shoulder Crop Top called Kourt
I love crop top like this, also during this fall season not so hot: I think they give a special allure to the look, this one in particular, thanks to the strong color, the ribbed fabric, and the line of the sleeves. 
My top size is 12, and I find it’s perfect on me. It’s aviable in several colors, according to all tastes. I toke a dark color because I want to wear it also in a special occasion, such us a birthday party with a skirt, and I prefer a strong mood. 

The evening of my Sunday was in black and white, thanks to this Contrast Stripe Cropped Loungewear Set called Hazel.
The size is 10/12, but it would be perfect also a smaller one. The hazel serie is made of a bright fabric, so if you want, you can mix it with high heels to give it another style. The crop top sweatshirt is very particular, and I will wear it also without the same leggings, with a jeans for example. the beautiful thing of a set is that you buy an item, but at home arrive two ones!
On their beautiful online store you can buy also corset dress or bodysuits, two pieces I like so much in my wardrobe, when I want to feel more romantic and elegant. 
As always I appreciated their fast delivery: from Manchester to Italy in three days!
It’s very incredible ^_^ and now in occasion of the black Friday they have a lot of sales for you! What else can I advice you?! 
I think that their coats and jackets must be tried! Maybe a teddy coat for next winter?! I am very curious to discover more and more about FEMMELUXE.
So I hope you like my post, and don’t wait again, FEMMELUXE is always a good idea ^_^ 
Let me know your fantastic shopping <3
XOXO my dear readers <3

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  1. Ma che belle scelte! I pantaloni rosa e la maglia rossa vorrei prenderli la prossima volta :) bellissimo anche il set in black & white!


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