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Close to the Milan fashion week, a new media event has come into our homes. After the boom of television programs based on fashion and crammed with tips for the look, now is also the time of make up.
From February 6 this year, Channel Real Time Digital Earth and the Sky, airs Clio Make Up, missed half an hour, from 14:30 to 15, during which even the most awkward make-up artists can learn the secrets of the land, blush and lipstick.
The protagonist is Zammatteo Clio, twenty-seven Italian and North of our country flew to New York to study the secrets of makeup and made his fortune thanks to the web.

In fact, some years ago, this girl has started posting on its Internet tutorial in which he explained how to apply the various products, from the usual mascara to the eyelash curler toughest.
The views came to 61 million, thanks not to the magic of the network, but the cleverness of Clio, a girl of other times, looking breast and look a bit '50s, with blond curls and blue eyes, knows that with sweetness and patience to improve the touch of every woman!
Clio years ago has landed on the printed paper, taking a personal phone book on the magazine for teen-agers Modern Girl, on which he has responded to requests for help of thousands of desperate girls looking to improve.
The program is divided into three parts: the first is to make up a Clio telespettatrice which is addressed to you to correct a defect, the second in a beauty product is prepared from natural raw materials, (the old grandma's remedies), in the third The box of inspecting another ordinary mortal who has some problems with brushes and eye shadows, makeup and you together (the series' who does it for himself for three ", and better assimilate the teachings!).
This program, as well as being new and particular, seems to be also very useful in practice. Hands up who among all those like me who have watched the episodes have not tried at least one trick revealed by Clio! I think you are in a few!
Because of the overcrowding of the schedules of the myriad of existing television channels, a place if she is well deserved! It is teaching us that Fashion and Beauty are two sides of same coin, inseparable: a designer dress do not ever raise the desired effect if it is not embedded in the right frame. So I speak for all employees-Clio: Clio Viva, continues so!

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