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Enjoy with PromTimes

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Today I want to show you a new wonderful discovery: the website of PromTimes, where you can find a lot of beautiful dresses to become a princess just for a day. 
Do you know PromTimes
They are an English online shop, with a lot of choises according to your own taste and your own attitude. 
I want to show you just some examples, in different shades of color, from WHITE to BLACK, from PINK to BLUE, and all colors you want. 
On PromTimes you will find a lot of kind of fabrics, but always with High quality, shiny dresses, elegant and chic, short or LONGER, to be fashion for every events. 
Let’s see some of them in details: 

this baby pink dress with a strass corset is perfect is you like this color and if you feel like Barbie in your soul. You can wear it for a school party or for your sixteen birthday.

This pastel pink dress is sophisticate and very chic, for an elegant event like a cocktail’s party.

. This black dress is very sexy and a little aggressive, but also very elegant, perfect for going out with your boyfriend for Saint Valentine’s Day. 

Always sexy but more sophisticate this one lace black dress, perfect also if you are not so young thanks to the little sleeves.

. The first light blue dress is elegant and chic, perfect as a bridesmaid’s dress for example, the same occasion is perfect for the second light blue one, with a shiny brooch on the right side. 

This blue dress is sexy thanks to the particular shiny neckline and the opening on the breast: very girly for women who believe in themselves.

Black and white, the ever green loved by all women in the world, is the mood of this short prom dress (white on the top and black on the skirt). 

The last three dresses are white, an eternal and elegant color perfect for romantic girls. 

And you?!
Are you ready to check your perfect dress?<3

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  1. Love these dresses! *-* The last is my favourite!

  2. I've fallen in love with your blog!! So nice! z x x

  3. Very cute dresses I love the black one and the last one too.

  4. Troppo belli questi vestiti! Ho un matrimonio a Maggio e sono alla ricerca del vestito ideale!

  5. I miei preferiti: il tubino nero ricamato semitrasparente, l'abito successivo (quello azzurro) e quello con il corpetto bianco e la gonna nera! *-*

    Fai sempre bellissime selezioni di abiti, complimenti! ;) ^^

  6. Buona giornata cara Laura!!!!

    Bel post, kiss


  7. These dresses are so beautiful!!

    New post on my blog :)

  8. Troppo bello il secondo abito rosa! :D

  9. mamma mia che belli questi vestiti!!

  10. The white Dresses are my favorite ones! Great Post :)


  11. Such a great post. And nice selection dear.
    Have a beautiful day.


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