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China Wedding Dress Factory: Suzhou or Guangzhou?

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China has the world's most wedding dress factories, most of online wedding dresses are from here. For some people, China wedding dress is cheap and low quality, seriously affect the sales of local wedding dress. 
But for others, Chinese wedding dress is affordable with good quality and helps them to earn enough profit. 

What exactly the China wedding market looks like? 
Objectively, many famous brands of wedding dress are processing in China, thought it don’t mean all China wedding dresses can reach the quality of famous brands, but at least it could show you that China has the ability to manufacture high quality products.
Many people may think that only some big companies could import wedding dresses from oversea, but in fact, for some small and medium sized wedding shops owners, it is not difficult to import wedding dress from China
If you want to import from China, then you must be interested in below two cities, because China wedding dress factories are major concentrated in these two cities.

Guangzhou Jiangnan Avenue North 

Compared to Suzhou, Guangzhou is famous, mainly because they process the famous brands of bags, shoes and electronic goods, and Guangzhou wedding dress industry’s proportion is too small, can’t get effective attention, and is the reason why its reputation is less than Suzhou in recent years.


1. All first-line and Volkswagen brands of wedding dress are processed at here.
You must know that Vera Wang’s dress is expensive, and Davids Bridal’s dresses are cheaper, because the latter produces their products in Guangzhou.
Of course, Wedding dresses’ quality is related with design and materials.

2. Although Suzhou has more wedding dress factories, Guangzhou’s factories size and production strength are much better, and their production scales also are big, so they have MOQ limits(usually 10 pieces).
If your quantity is more, their price will be cheaper.

3. Don’t support customization, good at some heavy and simple models of wedding dresses. Guangzhou factories with high mechanization, for some simple styles, especially some young people dress, this is their advantage.
It is also because of mechanized production, custom made service costs are too high, can't compare with Suzhou market.

Suzhou Tiger Hill Wedding Dress City

Suzhou Tiger Hill is the largest wedding dress wholesale base, there are thousands of overseas wholesalers going to here to purchase wedding dresses every year, of course, there are some bride-to-be who travel to Suzhou will pick one or two pieces of wedding dress here.


1. More wedding dress factories, no MOQ. 
According to an uncompleted statistic, there is more than thousands of wedding dresses factories in Suzhou Tiger Hill, but most of them are small factories, the facilities are not perfect, and the working environment is bad.
But quality of wedding dress is not worse than some big factories and prices are much cheaper.

2. Supply customization services, can be produced by the drawing. 
Many imitation shoes come from Putian, and many replicas of wedding dresses come from Suzhou. Many budget brides will buy some satisfied imitation of wedding dresses from online, compare to genuine, imitation prices are much lower, but the material is worse than brand wedding dress. 
For some wholesalers, you could buy one or more as a trial order to test the factories.

3. Most factories don’t have own designers, quality cannot be guaranteed. 
Few Suzhou factories have their own team of designers, and limited production capacity, however some factories don’t want to be labeled a small workshops, OEM factory and other labels. 
The most attractive manufacturer is Jusere, the most representative of the local wedding dress factory, not only has their own factory stores, and also has its own team of designers. 
If you come to Suzhou to wholesale wedding dresses, you must hear of this company.

Wedding dress is different with other clothing products; of course it is not the expensive reason. Wedding dresses are expensive, because its higher production cost, elegant wedding dress is produced by laborious hand-sewn. 
Why China can produce cheap and good quality wedding dresses, mostly because of its low labor cost, but with the increase of China labor cost in recent years, many factories began moving to neighboring countries, such as Thailand and Viet Nam, but what is the future of the market, nobody can say.

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