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Good morning dear girls, today I want to introduce you shoessee, do you know this beautiful online fashion store? 

I find that Their shoes are very sexy but also elegant, and that is so important for a modern women.

flat boots, for example, are very trendy and girly: you can wear them all the day long and you’ll never be tired!

I think that they could be mixed also with mini dress, or maxi pull during winter season.

Do You have a boyfriend to do a gift?

Or a father or a brother who are looking for a new pair of shoes?

No problems, on their shop there is a section also for them: sneakers for sporty men, boots for the rock ones, loafers and sandal for the most elegant and glamour.

So what are you waiting for?

Several proposals in different styles and different colors, are there for you, according your tastes and what you need.

You can pay with paypal for your safety, and their brilliant staff will help you during your shopping.

Since 2010, a professional team creates a worldwide line of shopping for shoes lovers.

I selected for you just some examples about women shoes:

1- A flower printed boots for a special event: I love them with a blue jeans and a white shirt, mixed with a shopping black bag.

2- A red boot for Christmas parties: with high heels, they are so sexy and elegant!

3- This wine flat boots are very useful with a sporty look for a gym training.

4- What about the country chic boots? The perfect end of my post, special for a shabby style!

Four different style for four different outfits: which one you prefer? 

Let me know:-)

Wish you a good day as always dear readers ^_^

Xoxo Laura <3


Eilà my dear readers, how are you?!
In these rainy days I miss summer so much L 
But I console myself with shopping ^_^
As you can see since the title of the post, it's never enough!
What about I am talking?!
Of femmeluxe, of course!
I wrote about this wonderful online fashion store several times, and I am in love with it always more.
In the past I tried their Loungewear, the solution to create outfit for all events in a simple and chic way.
Today I want to focus on other 4 items.
Let's take a look ;-)

This mini dress called Meghan has a strong burgundy color, and I toke it because I like its line. 
It remembers me the autumn’s colors, but the fabric is very very light, so it's perfect during summer evenings, despite of its long sleeves.
I mixed the dress with a cream color Mary-Jane shoes, and the outfit is ready for a special party^_^
I advice you to choose it if you are not too tall, because it’s a quite short.


I tried a lot of their activewear, and I have chosen also a dark grey color this time.
I love their joggers thanks because they are cool and warm, I wear them all day long ;-)
I toke a large size because I’d like to share it with my husband ^_^
To stay at home it’s perfect during next cold season.


How to wear faux leather leggings?!
Often they are considered too much, but I love them.
Even if it’s just a casual sweater in a fun color, adding leather leggings on bottom makes the outfit feel more special. 
Pair with flats or heeled booties – which I love with leggings for fall and winter- I opted for the first ones.
I matched the trousers called Catriona with a mini light blue dress, simple and special.

VOTE: 9!

To end my selection, I leave you my last proposal. 
This jogger called Caiden is very particular thanks to its "marble effect".
It's aviable also in other colors.
I tried the black & white version, and I mixed it with a bright color sweatshirt.
Very very comfortable for a sporty outfit, I like the way it fits on me.

MY VOTE: 10!

What do you think about my proposals?!
I hope you enjoy them. 
As always I invite you to take a look to their store, because it’s rich of nice clothes and their staff will help you during your shopping.
Delivery is very fast, and as payment method you can opt for paypal, the safest method in the world. 
I would like to advise you to freely choose everything you want because the garments are really of excellent quality, at affordable prices. 
The shipment, as I said before, was very fast and smoothly, in about a week they delivered everything. As for the sizes, carefully follow the table on their website: in my case I was halfway between number 8, 10 and number 12, and in fact I wanted to try all three. 
I advise you to follow your measurements in particular about Loungewear set.
In fact, their Lounge Set are quite precise, and if you are undecided between two, to opt for the largest in the case of very tight dresses, for the smallest in the case of softer ones. 
Whatever occasion you show off your purchases you will make a great impression! I hope this review of mine can help you with your shopping. 
Surely you have to run and take a look because their proposals are super cool and you will be unmistakable in every moment of your daily life! What is your favorite?
Let me know sweet readers <3

Hello dear readers, how are you? Today I want to talk with you about men's fashion.

Yes, we often focus on women clothes, not thinking about them. But today I want to spend words about the other universe, the male one! Specially I want introduce you wayrates, the online shop where you can find a lot of good proposals, perfect for the next black friday. You don't believe me?! Let's take a look togheter.

First of all we have to say that this online store is a global company of men's fashion, and when I discovered them the first thing I liked was the huge style and the lot kind of items.

Their tactical clothing are perfect for men who work a lot, but mixing them well they could be nice also during the free time.

The first example I want to show you is this dark grey sweatshirt with zip. Very cool with the white print, is nice with a blue jeans.

So particular the war man boots: war style is often present in this shop, it's their trademark.

This No Teeth And No Holes Tactical Belt ina wine color could be matched with the boots and the sweatshirt shown before, are you agree?!

Very nice the Light Hiking Shoes Automatic Buckle, a stronger style than the other.

So much love with this light boots! Maybe I'll still them to my boyfriend! I think mens tactical boots are perfect also for women, to go to the mountain, to walk a lot during a trip for example. 

To end, for you This beautiful Casual Large Pocket Trousers could be a good alternative to the jeans, and you can give an elegant allure to the outfit mixing a white shirt.
What do you think?!
For your warrenty, a detail I like so much for the online shopping is that you can pay with paypal, safe and fast all around the world. Their professional staff will help you during the shopping experience.
Don't wait more men. Today your lucky time is arrived!
XOXO my dear boys, see you soon <3


Heilà girls, how are you? I hope you are enjoying again sunny days! 

I am very happy today, because I can finally restart to talk about one of my favorite online brand: femmeluxe!!! Do you know it?! 

I talked about it often in the past. In this post I want to share with you three new outfit, in a sporty style, for three different moments of the day: morning, afternoon, and evening. Are you ready to go in this trip with me?! Let’s leave together soon ^_^

I often spent my free time wearing Jeans, because I love this item, very fresh and young, but yesterday, for my Sunday’s outfit, I preferred soft and comfortable trousers and long wear set. 

Let’s start with the morning: I spent my time reading a good book, and my outfit was very nice thanks to this wonderful Cuffed Joggers called Lizzie. I choose the pink color for the first jogger because this is one of my favorite colors since childhood, and I find that is very cool in this shade of their proposal! I tried this item also in black for the afternoon, and I fall in love with both them! 
I went to do a walk with my friends after lunch, and they also were surprised! 
The product is very warm, and I think next winter I will wear them every day. My trousers are size 12, they are big if you like skinny clothes, so you can opt for a smaller one. Thank to the elasticated waist, they can be adapted to all shapes of body. 

For the second outfit you can see in the pics I mixed the black jogger with this Red Ribbed Off The Shoulder Crop Top called Kourt
I love crop top like this, also during this fall season not so hot: I think they give a special allure to the look, this one in particular, thanks to the strong color, the ribbed fabric, and the line of the sleeves. 
My top size is 12, and I find it’s perfect on me. It’s aviable in several colors, according to all tastes. I toke a dark color because I want to wear it also in a special occasion, such us a birthday party with a skirt, and I prefer a strong mood. 

The evening of my Sunday was in black and white, thanks to this Contrast Stripe Cropped Loungewear Set called Hazel.
The size is 10/12, but it would be perfect also a smaller one. The hazel serie is made of a bright fabric, so if you want, you can mix it with high heels to give it another style. The crop top sweatshirt is very particular, and I will wear it also without the same leggings, with a jeans for example. the beautiful thing of a set is that you buy an item, but at home arrive two ones!
On their beautiful online store you can buy also corset dress or bodysuits, two pieces I like so much in my wardrobe, when I want to feel more romantic and elegant. 
As always I appreciated their fast delivery: from Manchester to Italy in three days!
It’s very incredible ^_^ and now in occasion of the black Friday they have a lot of sales for you! What else can I advice you?! 
I think that their coats and jackets must be tried! Maybe a teddy coat for next winter?! I am very curious to discover more and more about FEMMELUXE.
So I hope you like my post, and don’t wait again, FEMMELUXE is always a good idea ^_^ 
Let me know your fantastic shopping <3
XOXO my dear readers <3

 Good morning my dear, How are you?! In this sunny day of sunday I want to dedicate my blog to man's fashion, that is often neglect in favour of woman one. 

And I want to do that in a glamour way, thanks to allaboutsuit. Do you know it? I am talking about a new online store, where you can find elegant suit for wedding and special events. Thank to their professional tailors, Their items are well made and of high quality, perfect for the perfect outfit for each day. 

They can realize all your dreams thanks to their prom suits, from the classic men, to the most original: Precious fabrics, precious accessories, can satisfied all tastes.

You can pay in several method, first of all Paypal, that I love so much because it's a warrenty all around the world.

I selected for you some examples of suits: white, black, pink and blue.. It's not simple to choose, I know! Which is your favourite one?!

I love specially their jacquard floral style, and their velvet blazers.

Their wedding suits are so special thanks to this fabric! Don't exitate more my dear, the perfect suit is waiting for you ;-) 

XOXO Laura


IL look più bello del mese di Ottobre va ad un'adolescente promettente attrice italiana, Gaia Girace.
La bella e tormentata Lila della serie L'amica Geniale, è stata la madrina del Social World Film Festival 2020.
Nella sua splendida Vico Equense ha partecipato alla manifestazione in un abito semplice nero e lungo, con scollatura a cuore.
Non è incantevole?!