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My Wishlist From TIDESTORE

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Today I'd like to talk with you about a website born for your pleasure and your shopping, and I am sure you will like it: TIDESTORE.
A special dress in a special occasion makes a woman very happy as you know, and this is the same all around the world, women want to dream and to feel special every day.
For this reason I’d like to talk today about TIDESTORE as I said before, a wonderful web site where you can find elegant dresses for  your special days, but also shoes and bags for your daily life.
Do you know it?
You can choose according to the style or the color of the collections, with a fast ship (24 hours).
You have to register to start to do shopping on the web site, and you can be sure that it is safe.
Today I’ll show you as category the BODYCON DRESSES.
You can buy beautiful dresses with different shape and different fabric.
Today all your desires can be real!
Do you want some examples?
They are here for you, in these beautiful pics!
Pink, blue, white, black, liliac, burgundy, black and white or nude, you have just to follow the color of your soul!

Sweetheart, with brooch or jewel belts, always glamourous and trendy.
Styles change very fast, so you have to be update to be cool, and in this way is very simple.
It is important to choose the best dress that is going to fit you, according to the shape of your body, and the right color according your hair and your eyes.
For example if you are blonde you are wonderful wearing green dresses, if you are brunette, you are wonderful with pastel colors.
All their colors are bright, popular but also classic, so you can wear it more times being always stylish.
Their dresses are very easy to match with different shoes and accessorize such us jewelry and pochette, that have be always present in a special outfit.

For example, what do you think about that so beautiful 
They are perfect for next summer that is coming:-)

Now that summer is coming, take a look also to the beautiful proposals for the beach and SWIMWEAR. 
I hope you enjoy all their nice items:-)
Have a nice day!!!


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16 Glam Comments ;-)

  1. Bellissimo il primo abito e l'ultimo costume:) baci

  2. Ciao Lauretta!!
    Mamma mia quante cose bellissime che ci sono su Tidestore! Io lo adoro questo sito, perchè i prezzi sono piccoli e poi i capi di ottima qualità!!
    Un bacione e buona serata

  3. Beautiful post, really interesting...thx for sharing!

  4. Ciao Laura,
    wishlist deliziosa!! Adoro l'abito a pois!
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  5. Great post dear!
    I love white sandals!

  6. bellissima selezione Lauretta!
    I sandali gioiello sono fantastici! :D

  7. Bellissimi i vestitiii !!! Super super.

  8. Io non lo conoscevo questo sito!! Il primo vestito giallo è da urlo e anche i sandali mi piacciono tantissimo!! Ci faccio subito un giro! ;) Grazie mille cara!


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