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Hi girls! I rewrite two of my articles published in the post in February, to allow all to read;)

The luck-bad luck to be fashion students

Laura Conti talks about his college experience in "Science of Fashion and Costume" criticizing the prejudices that gravitate to those who study in this area.

"Congratulations, you finally finished school! Which university course you sign up? "
"Science of Fashion and Costume ..."
"Ah ... That would be?!?"
The final face of this conversation probably accompanied the "night after the exams," (or the summer after the fateful maturity), for all those who have chosen to enroll in this course. Because while everyone (from relatives to friends), they think: "Law, engineering, medicine, economy ..." You think: "Now that I say goodbye I think I'm an idiot!"
It happens so regularly! But the greatest difficulties come when, overwhelmed by confusion of traffic university (where orientation is difficult, at least), you go to request information from the offices of the Secretariat: there you realize that practically do not exist. Because while you're thinking: "I must not forget anything about all the things I have to ask after the endless row that I did!" the secretary thinks, "Oh Thank goodness, a student of fashion with its silly requests, I can relax a bit! '"
In three years at university I realized that the classes of series A and series B exist, but not so much because some work better than others, but because the prejudice exists in people's heads. I happened to take an exam with a teacher of Italian literature (also quite famous), that at the end of the interview he said: "She has a good command of the language, strange, usually comes from those who do not even know his course talk ... "
I put in the shoes of someone who can draw well, that with a pencil in hand enchants the world, but maybe not "Pirandello" because it has different inclinations, and I wondered if perhaps a crime. Who decided what is worth more?
If we were in the academy would place these issues, but not everyone can afford it, then our course should be seen as an opportunity, not as a waste.
I studied materials that will remain beautiful forever in my cultural background, and I met people frivolous and silly, (found everywhere), but also more capable and intelligent. When everyone thinks: "This kid's stuff should not be taught at the University public."
I think: "Ok, I'm not Einstein, I can help someone, or designing a spacecraft, but at least I know my limits."
We study the color, life, the world is around us, things definitely lighter nuclear physics but, as we respect and admire those who are able to go on scientific research, so we would like some face in less than about Our passion, perhaps, will also become our work.
We are not geniuses, but like other students, and I think that the value of each in their respective fields, will decide the life, not the subjects studied.

Audrey Hepburn: The Life of Myth

In a fascinating, haunting ... A as Audrey. Up to 4 December in the year just past, the Ara Pacis, in the heart of the capital, has hosted an exhibition dedicated to her, the actress announced the empire style, wearing clothes that Fernanda Gattinoni in the film by King Vidor War and Peace. Before acting, however, especially wives and mothers. The event, made with pieces lent by his son, Luke, was located in a square and divided for decades: starting from the 50s, when the exploding phenomenon of girl soap and water, in contrast to the curvaceous beauty of Marilyn Monroe.
Audrey, born in 1929, was in his early twenties, and was dreaming of the general public, playing the role of Princess Ann in Roman Holiday, 1953. The famous film was duly remembered by the people in the room of the Vespa, which became a symbol not only of film but of the entire decade of economic boom and Italian.
The '60s were those in which the phenomenon exploded Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961), which has had rules in terms of fashion still observed: the little black dress, the broad hat and oversized sunglasses are ever green a must for any wardrobe.
The two decades following the appearance of Audrey on the big screen have become more sporadic, and leave space to private life, despite the many achievements and awards received, liked to say: "If I was busy working as an actress, I'd feel like you are robbing My family, my husband and my children, robbing them of the attention that they should receive. "
The last period of his life, the '90s was the time of the voluntary and UNICEF, which had become an ambassador, as she explains in a video.
The show got pictures of this daily life, such as those of the first marriage to actor Mel Ferrer in 1954, rose in the suit, the latter ones, with the Italian psychiatrist Andrea Dotti physician, in 1969, or those of its two sons, Sean and Luca, in fact. Images of a normal woman, 1 meter high and 68 centimeters, as written in his passport, and very thin, as seen from the clothes displayed in glass pillars in the center of the room. Ordinary woman and diva simultaneously: because ordinary woman proud to bring its wrinkles, forced to fight a cancer from 1992 to 1993, the year of his death, and because her diva icon will live forever, over the decades and the symbols that 'have characterized it. 
Simply Audrey Hepburn!

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