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My Wishlist from Promtimes

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click the site below if you are looking for special occasion dresses.

Long Prom Dresses

Today I want to show you my own wishlist from the website PROMTIMES.
For the second Time I talk about it and their wonderful dresses.
Today the category is about the PROM DRESSES 2015.
It’s easy to say beautiful dresses, but not so simple is to choose one of them because they are all too nice and perfect for your special events.
On PROMTIMES you will find a lot of kind of fabrics, but always with High quality, shiny dresses, elegant and chic, short or longer, to be fashion for every events.
I want to show you some PROM DRESSES 2015, so let’s see them in the detail!

1. Green is the shade of this chiffon dress, perfect for a wedding or an eighteen birthday.

2. Lilac is the color most elegant you can find, perfect if you are romantic and you desire a dress for a ceremony in spring. 

3. This blue shiny dress remembers the one of Cinderella story, perfect for young dreamer girls.

4. This mermaid pink dress is in perfect barbie’s style, you have to opt for it if you love pink and a baby outfit.

5. This fucsia dress is created for those of you feel as princesses: romantic and elegant as in a fairytale. 

6. The light blue is the color of that straight dress with a glittered top.

7. An intense shade of dark blue for a strong personality.

8. Blue and jewels on the top for this chiffon dress.

9. A little liliac, a little pink, a romantic pastel color for a simple and sophisticate item.

10. This fucsia dress will conquer you! It’s perfect for a cocktail event or a summer wedding.

11. A white dress for a special bride with a blue touch on the waist.

So Visite their site and enjoy your own style!!!!

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21 Glam Comments ;-)

  1. Hello from Spain: I like many these proposals. Very beautiful and elegant. Keep in touch

  2. Nice post...
    Wonderful dresses!

  3. I love the purple ones:)

  4. Ciao Laura!!
    Mi hai fatto davvero sognare con questi abiti, sono uno piu' bello dell'altro!!
    Un bacione bella!!!

  5. Stupendi questi vestiti *-*

    Haul: acquisti di primavera <3 passa dal mio blog per sapere di più!!

  6. Abiti che ti fanno sognare, sono favolosi e uno più bello dell'altro *_*

  7. Such a great selection dear. All of these look amazing.
    Have a beautiful day.

  8. ciaoo cara! anche se ora è tutto english posso scrivere in italiano:P che bella carrellata di abiti...alcuni sono da sogno!

  9. Belli!

    What wear for the MID-SEASON? 30 outfits ideas on
    lb-lc fashion blog| bloglovin'

  10. Mi sono innamorata del primo vestito nero!!

  11. Bellissimi, soprattutto quelli blu!! *----*

  12. guarda,volevo scegliere il mio preferito ma è impossibile;) abbiamo gli stessi gusti e sono tutti bellissimi ;)

  13. Spettacolari!!! Come si fa a scegliere???


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