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Bandage Dresses on KISSMISS

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Do you know bandage dress my dear readers?
It born directly on the mannequin or, even better, on the body of the mannequin. 
More than clothes, they are sculptures or architectural projects. 
Capable of giving a curved silhouette and harmonious anyone wear them, the bandage dress sculpt the female body by wrapping it in a seductive game of bands. 

If you want to try this new trend you have to visit KISSMISS, a website for your online shopping about bandage dresses. 
A true sexual-revolution which, not incidentally, dates back to the 80s, a decade innovative, provocative. 
"Bandage dress” means in fact "clothes as bands".
Who makes them particularly popular was the actress Kim Kardashian, who uses them in every official occasion, but They are literally depopulating between celebrities and non. 
In fact, if initially prices were exorbitant, now you can also find bandage dress affordable for all budgets.
KISSMISS is the perfect online shop for you: they offer beautiful and high quality items, not expensive. 
As the name suggests, these are clothes restraints; highlight the décolleté and hide the tummy.
They are built with the overlap of piston rings, thus clothes are very tight, adhering to all body shapes. 
The effect with this dress is that of a refined sensuality that highlights the curves gracefully. 
The body is carved in an almost statuesque, and small defects are covered ably.
The colors and shapes are varied on, but all are short dresses above the knee, very slim, and everyone is able to highlight the curves. 
I want to show you several examples: 

What do you think about their proposals?
Not only dresses, but also bikini, top and skirts for your shopping.
Enjoy bandage style with KISSMISS!!!

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22 Glam Comments ;-)

  1. Aww i love these bodycon dresses! So stunning!

  2. Molto femminili questi modelli Laura!!!
    Ti auguro una splendida settimana :-)

    The Princess Vanilla

  3. Bellissimo questo sito e bellissime anche tutte le proposte!!!
    Il primo abitino mi piace moltissimo!!
    Un bacione grande Manu

  4. Bellissimo questo sito e bellissime anche tutte le proposte!!!
    Il primo abitino mi piace moltissimo!!
    Un bacione grande Manu

  5. L'abitino in pizzo nero ed il completo in pizzo rosa sono deliziosi!

  6. Ottima selezione io li acquisterei tutti :)...Kiss

  7. Beautiful and sexy dresses. Kisses!

  8. In effetti non avevo mai sentito la marca, ma non credo di fare testo...
    A presto,

  9. I totally understand because is the woman. Anyway I'm extremely glad you like my work and my suggestions. It's perfect to have this feedback. :D

    Love the yellow dress :D

    InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  10. Bellissime tutte queste selezioni!

  11. Bellissima selezione di vestiti !

  12. Wow! Questi vestiti sono spaziali!! Adoro quello di pizzo nero!!
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi


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