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Cocomelody, Mon Amour

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HI my dear readers!
If you are looking for your special dress for your wedding day, you need it has three things: it must be romantic, elegant and also sexy. 
For this reason you have to take a look to the website of brides, Cocomelody.

 Do you know it? 
We talked about it yet in the past, but I’d like to show their dresses again because they are wonderful. 
Today I’d like to show you specially several beautiful Backless Wedding Dresses
As you can easily see in the pictures below, the backless dresses are so special, and all people’s eyes will be on you when you will come in the Church. 
Different fabrics make this elegant dreams: lace and chiffon are the most used, and combined with this sensual detail are more and more special.

Sexy Backless Wedding Dresses are perfect for you if you are a strong woman, who wants to be unforgettable every day. 
If you have a strong mood in your life, if you are not afraid to be different from other people, they are the right dresses for you. 

I invite you to visit the online store of Cocomelody: you will also find sales campaign to buy your wedding dress. 
Discounts that will never take off the beauty of their proposals!
Romantic day to all <3

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  1. Bellissimo,Specialmente il secondo :)

  2. Great items Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  3. Che meraviglia che sono questi abiti!!
    E poi concordo su Sabrina..anche a me piace tantissimo il secondo!!
    Un bacione Manu

  4. Lo consiglierò ad un paio di amiche che devono sposarsi :-)

    The Princess Vanilla

  5. Quanto splendore...i primi due sono super!

  6. Amazing dresses:)
    Have a nice week!:)

  7. ahhhhhhh lauraaa ma che belli che sono gli abiti che hai selezionato!!!
    ottimi i tuoi gusti ;)

  8. amazing dresses


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