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Sporty & Chic With Femme Luxe

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Good morning dear, How are you?! 
Summer is here finally! 
And I am very happy of this ^_^ 
The desire to do shopping is growing up, and for you is the same? 
If yes, don’t worry, I have the solution also for you my dear readers <3

In a PAST POST I have already talked about femme luxe finery, so you know yet that I love their items! 
It was love at first sight for me! 
These time I opted for four outfits and two different styles: I want to show you two chic style and two sporty ones. 
I decided to try a gym item, after seeing their beautiful Joggers
I don’t go often to gym, I admit, but I like to wear this kind of outfit also for my free time! 
I find them very cool and glam! 
Are you ready to see my proposals?! 
So let’s start ^_^ 

I want to begin with a beautiful Loungewear
On their site you can choose a lot of sets like this, and it’s not simple to decide! 
You will need a long time as me, I am sure! 
I toke a light color one, as you can see in the pics, a sage crop loungewear set called deanna
The size I am wearing is M/L and it’s perfect for me. 
I wore it for an afternoon walking with my husband, and I think it’s super comfortable. 
I like how it fits on me, and I think the fabric is very good. 
And you?! 
Have you ever bought a longwear? 
You can find this set in several colors: black, camel, gray, light blue, white, khaki. I matched it with a backpack and with sneackers. 
I think that I will take another color too, I like it too much!

The second outfit is sporty again, and I created a mix-match with the first one: I left on the trouser of the last set, but I put on these fantastic black T-shirt with honey slogan print t shirt called eleanor instead of the crop top of the longwear. 
Their T shirts are made of very high quality. 
They are resistant and at affordable prizes. 
You can buy my item choosing between pink, black and white colors. 
My size is M, but I think that also the S size would be ok for me and my shapes. 
I opted for the print HONEY because it represents me, but you can choose a lot of other else writings. Their top are perfect also with jeans, for a casual outfit.

Now we can move on the other two elegant items I have chosen for you: the first dress is this wonderful black mesh panel with v-neck. 
It’s a bodycon mini-dress called tammy. 
I mixed it with a yellow fluo high heels, because I find it’s very fresh and sensual! 
Thanks to the transparent parts, it’s perfect for young girls, for a disco evening, for example. 
Sexy but not vulgar, obviously! 
You can find it in black and red, and the size you see in the pics is the number 10. 

To end my selection I show you the last piece I received: this beautiful nude square bodycon mini-dress called gina
It has a neck rushed.
 The size of the dress is the number 12, but also the number 10 it would be ok for me, because the fabric is soft and simple to wear. 
One thing I want to notice about their dresses: until now I found all items without zip, very easy and fast to put on. 
This dress is available also in red, black and orange. 
It has a long sleeve, so it’s perfect for an evening in the end of summer season. 
I mixed it with blue shoes, in contrast with the cream color of the dress.

Also this time I find that the delivery is very fast and professional! 
They inform you with the tracking of your package, that is ready soon to be delivered. 
For the second time I want to advice you to try the experiences of this online store. 
I am HAPPY to discovered them and their wonderful proposals <3 
XOXO Laura

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